Bulk Diesel Tank Filtration

With diesel engines operating at extremely high pressures and fine tolerances, clean fuel is an absolute necessity. The multiple stages of transfer and storage from the refinery to your equipment generally results in some level of contamination accumulation regardless of what care is taken. With diesel storage tanks also located in harsh environments, the only real assurance of high fuel quality is an effective filtration system at your refuelling facility.

The fuel filters on equipment engines are simply not designed to provide a high level of filtration against contaminated or low-quality fuel. An in-line filtration system located between fuel storage tanks and the refuelling nozzle is the only way to provide the greatest protection for critical engine components.

In partnership with world leading filtration company DieselPure Inc, Fuel Technology design and install bulk filtration systems specifically for your requirements to ensure the most effective and efficient filtration possible.

The benefits of a DieselPure Filtration system installed at your refuelling facility include:

  • Extend equipment injector life
  • Prevent equipment breakdowns
  • Reduce engine fuel system wear and failure
  • Extend engine filter life
  • Improve engine performance
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Prevent corrosion of fuel storage infrastructure

DieselPure filters have passed the stringent SAE J1488_201010 test standard. Depending on filtration level required, they have the ability to remove contaminants down to sub-micron levels while obtaining a 100% efficiency rating for removing free and problematic emulsified water.

The filters have a two-stage, single pass design allowing fuel to flow through the internal core media to filter out large contaminants (dirt, microbial growth, etc.) and freestanding water. The fuel is then passed through the specially engineered layers of pleated media to remove emulsified water and fine contaminants down to sub-micron levels. Keeping your diesel storage tank free of particulates, sludge and emulsified water or preventing these contaminants reaching your valuable equipment greatly reduces operating costs.

As well as being designed to remove contaminants in diesel storage tanks, the range of DieselPure filters also address the unique chemical properties of Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) and ULSD/Biodiesel blends that have resulted in a new hidden problem – emulsified water in diesel fuel.

Whether you have a new or existing fuel facility, Fuel Technology can supply and install a custom filtration system to suit your needs. From basic primary filtration, to meeting certain ISO levels or the removal of water from fuel, we have a range of options to ensure your equipment receives pristine fuel.

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