Vehicle Emission Testing

Fuel Technology has been conducting direct vehicle exhaust emission testing for more than 30 years. Meeting all regulatory requirements, our Diesel Particulate and Emission Testing assists with providing a healthier work place, provides numerous environmental benefits, and can be used for preventative maintenance planning.

The increased emphasis on exhaust Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) and emissions following the World Health Organization’s classification of DPM as a carcinogenic has led to a need for improved emissions monitoring and control, together with the provision of a safer working environment for employees.
When measuring exhaust emissions, it is essential for each emissions test to be repeatable, and exhaust probe positioning is a critical factor. Our purpose- designed exhaust probe allows identical positioning in the center of the exhaust gas stream for every test, guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability. This is an important factor that should be considered for all direct exhaust emission testing.

Emission Testing Benefits

  • Identifies individual items of equipment which are contributing excessive emissions;
  • Determines the operational efficiency of DPM filters;
  • Periodic monitoring of individual equipment provides a trend of emissions which can be used in a maintenance preventative program for all equipment such as rail, road transport, power generation, mine haulage or underground mining; and
  • Assists in establishing a healthier workplace for all employees

Standard Test Procedures

Fuel Technology can undertake the following test procedures:

  • Trans-Stall Test measuring CO, CO 2 , HC, O 2, NOx;
  • DPM to Trans-Stall procedure as recommended by WA Department of Mines and Petroleum or MDG 29 test as recommended by NSW Mines Department;
  • Smoke Opacity Test to Bosch or Filter Smoke Number standards

Whilst the above are standard testing procedures, Fuel Technology can also conduct tests designed for individual site requirements and conditions. Where an entry point to the exhaust gas stream is available, measurements undertaken pre-and post DPM filter installation provide an accurate indication of filter efficiency. Please contact us to discuss your requirements