Fuel Facility Maintenance Programs

As important as it is to the operation of any mine, the fuel facility is quite often an area that is neglected. Seemingly clean fuel flowing out of a delivery nozzle is not always an accurate indicator as to what is resting inside the tank.

With today’s modern engines there is a growing awareness of the importance of introducing preventative maintenance measures, therefore providing a reduction in maintenance issues and downtime whenever possible.

Just as equipment filters/fluids/components are changed at set intervals before an issue actually arises, Fuel Technology can introduce an ongoing maintenance program to ensure your diesel storage tanks and associated components remain in good condition.

We customise a program to suit your specific site requirements with options including:

  • Annual cleaning of diesel storage tanks
  • Ongoing sampling of tank contents at specified intervals
  • Independent lab analysis of all samples
  • Replacement of consumables such as tank air breathers
  • Visual inspection of fuel facility infrastructure i.e. pumps, pipework, hoses, fittings

Fuel Technology provide a full report following each site visit to provide a trend of how your fuel facility is operating and outline whether improvements can be made.

A preventative maintenance program is a cost-effective way to ensure your fuel facility continuously operates at its peak and important site equipment is not put at risk.

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