Mobile Diesel Tank Cleaning and Fuel Filtration Services

Whether you have already identified contamination issues in your diesel storage tank, or understand the need for preventative maintenance, it’s important to ensure your fuel storage tanks, and your valuable fuel, are always in peak condition. Our mobile diesel fuel filtration and diesel tank cleaning service will ensure a constant supply of pristine fuel from your diesel storage tanks.
It’s the most efficient way to clean a diesel fuel tank!

Fuel Technology’s diesel tank cleaner and fuel filtration service uses the system developed by DieselPure – a world leader in diesel filtration. This system has been proven to remove contaminants down to sub-micron levels, as well as freestanding water, while also achieving a 100% efficiency rating in removing emulsified water from ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) and a 96% rating with bio-diesel blends.

Tested to the industry standard SAE J1488_2010, DieselPure filters are driving fuel cleanliness to new levels, achieving results that very few filtration systems can match. Even in circumstances where diesel has been considered unusable, our filtration system has been proven to bring badly contaminated diesel back to within required specifications, resulting in savings on disposal and replenishment costs.

Our innovative mobile diesel tank cleaning system is designed to accommodate diesel tanks with a capacity of up to 110,000 litres. The fuel tank cleaning equipment provides a service that is clean and environmentally acceptable, and comes with a no-mess guarantee and minimal interference to your operations.

Why diesel tanks require maintaining

Diesel fuel storage tanks breathe by drawing in and expelling air as temperatures change. This not only adds to contaminants such as dust entering the system but also increases the moisture content. A change in the properties of today’s diesel (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and ULSD/Biodiesel blends) has resulted in a new hidden problem within diesel storage tanks and fuel systems – Emulsified Water. Click to read more on Emulsified Water issues.

While freestanding water can be more easily removed through standard engine filtration water separators, emulsified water is saturated in the diesel and cannot be removed by normal filters.
Keeping your diesel storage tank free of particulates, sludge and emulsified water will:

  • Prevent premature engine wear
  • Extend equipment fuel filter life
  • Prevent algae growth in fuel storage tanks
  • Prevent fuel tank/component corrosion
  • Cleaner fuel equals a more efficient engine

Fuel Technology are your diesel quality specialists. We can devise a maintenance plan to assist in keeping both your tank and fuel clean.

Contact us to discuss how we can ensure your diesel tanks are kept clean and always provide pristine fuel to your valuable equipment.

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