Remote Fuel Quality Monitoring

Fuel Technology’s cloud-based monitoring provides a real-time view of fuel quality in your operation. An insight into fuel being delivered to site and/or being transferred directly into equipment provides an assurance that your equipment is not being put at risk and enables early detection if a contamination issue does arise.

Benefits and Features

  • Trend the cleanliness of your fuel in real-time
  • Monitor the quality of incoming fuel deliveries
  • Ensure equipment is receiving fuel that meets or exceeds required specifications
  • Pinpoint a sudden contamination issue
  • System produces an ISO 4406 result code
  • Able to incorporate a range of sensors such as pressure and water sensing
  • Alarm triggered and sent via email/sms when set parameter limits are exceeded

The monitoring equipment can be installed as part of a new filtration system build or incorporated into existing fuel facility infrastructure.

The system dashboard (example below) is extremely user friendly with parameters being able to be set for each individual application.

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