FPC Mine Site Testimonial

I have been on this West Australian mine site for nearly 6 years now and Fuel Technology’s fuel additive has been used here for 14 yrs. The initial fuel consumption tests were carried out in 1999 with Gensets 4 and 6 using FPC and Gensets 1 and 3 on just diesel. The results showed a 3.5% reduction in fuel consumption for Gensets 4 and 6.

I have always been sceptical of fuel additives however during scheduled overhauls of our Gensets there is a significant sign of minimal carbon build up on cylinder heads, pistons and liner bores. We operate and maintain the power station and we have 6 x Cat 3612’s at 2700kw each and 5 x Cat 3516’s at 1600kw each.

Prior to the introduction of FPC our 2 x bulk fuel tanks 1.2ml litres each were cleaned on the outside every year of black soot. With FPC they are now still white and haven’t been touched in the 6 years I have been here. Previous persons before me said the same. Exhaust stack emissions on any of our engines is a heat haze only, there is no black diesel smoke at all.

I have attached some pictures of one of our Cat 3612 engines on a 40,000hr overhaul, the cylinder heads have been in service for 20,000 hours and the piston/liners for 40,000 hours. As you can see after these running hrs. there is little carbon build up.

We consume around 2 million litres a month, so a 3.5% saving is substantial.

Power Station Co-ordinator

Gensets 1 and 3 on just diesel Gensets 4 and 6Cummins KTA 50 head & valves

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