DieselPure Filtration – the best diesel filtration system on the market

As the diesel fuel quality specialists, the team at Fuel Technology is driving fuel cleanliness to new heights as the distributors for the innovative DieselPure diesel filtration systems.

Supplying your engines with low-quality or contaminated fuel is never a good option, but if you have diesel storage tanks on site, you’ll know that not all fuel filters are created equal. Most, including engine fuel system filters, will only remove larger contaminants and freestanding water.

The cleanliness of diesel in the past was not as significant an issue as it is today.  With common rail fuel systems operating at such high pressures and fine tolerances, fuel filtration of the highest standard is now a necessity.

DieselPure filters are market leaders in being the only diesel filters to pass the new stringent SAE J1488_201010 standard, while removing contaminants down to sub-micron levels and obtaining a 100% efficiency rating for removing free and problematic emulsified water.

They have a two-stage, single pass design allowing fuel to flow through the internal core media to filter out large contaminants (dirt, microbial growth, etc.) and freestanding water. The fuel is then passed through the specially engineered layers of pleated media to remove emulsified water and fine contaminants down to sub-micron levels. Keeping your diesel storage tank free of particulates, sludge and emulsified water or preventing these contaminants reaching your valuable equipment will greatly reduce operating costs.

The benefits of DieselPure Filtration:

  • Extend engine filter life
  • Reduce engine fuel system wear
  • Provide significant fuel savings
  • Reduce emissions
  • Prevent fuel facilities corrosion

As well as being designed to remove contaminants in diesel storage tanks, the range of DieselPure filters also address the unique chemical properties of Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) and ULSD/Biodiesel blends that have resulted in a new hidden problem – emulsified water in diesel fuel.
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DieselPure filtration systems are recommended for all diesel storage facilities in the mining, rail and transport industries, as well as critical power generation backup systems where reliance on fuel quality is paramount. DieselPure manufacturer website: www.dieselpure.com.

Contact us for more information about diesel storage tank filtration, and ensure your diesel storage filtration has passed SAE J1488_2010 test procedure.